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Sustainability and Society

Unit Set Code

MN-AU00041 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne)


Sustainability and Society is a cross-disciplinary approach to human/environment related issues facing all societies. Drawing on case studies from both Australia and abroad, students  will grapple with challenges to multiple and intersecting environments as well as the diverse stakeholders who rely on these places for a range of material and spiritual purposes. Students are invited to appreciate the environmental perspectives of other cultures, as well as to scrutinise their own taken-for-granted assumptions about environmental issues, environmentalism, identities that emerge in relation to conservation discourses, as well as the very nature of ‘nature’ itself.

Career outcomes

Career opportunities exist in the nature education sector, environmentally focussed government agencies, cultural institutions, media organisations, the public service and the marketing and tourism industries, particularly in relation to eco-tourism.


  • To complete a Minor sequence in Sustainability and Society select any four (4) units from below, including a minimum of one (1) credit point at level one, and no more than one (1) credit point at level 3

Level 1

SLE121Environmental Sustainability

Level 2

AIP245Environmental Politics

HSH202Creating Sustainable Futures

SLE201Society and Environment

SLE207Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment

SLE215Ecotourism and Environmental Interpretation

SLE218Indigenous Engagement: Natural Resource Management

Level 3

ALR376Ethical Communication and Citizenship

AIG300Urban Geography: Australian and International Perspectives

ALL381Reading the End of Nature

AIH383Global Disasters


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