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Indigenous Studies

Unit Set Code

MN-A000074 (minor)


Cloud (Online)


This minor sequence of Indigenous Studies units will build understanding, recognition and validity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander's ways of Valuing, Being, Knowing and Doing. Completing this sequence of study will facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves and Australia's multiple histories to foster productive and meaningful relationships in culturally diverse communities, especially with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Career Outcomes

Completion of the Minor sequence of Indigenous Studies will enable graduates to respectfully collaborate and work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. Culturally responsive graduates can apply these skills and practices to a wide range of services, including education, creative industries, and health and community services.


  • To complete a Minor sequence in Indigenous Studies select four (4) units from below

IND101Introduction to Aboriginal Studies

IND102Aboriginal Australian Stories and Songlines

IND203Caring for Country

IND302Working Alongside Aboriginal Communities


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