Deakin iTunes U channel

iTunes U screen capture

Deakin launched its iTunes U channel at the end of 2010 to provide a new window into the University's research and teaching and learning activities.

Deakin's iTunes U presence adds a new element of flexibility in delivering a range of materials to students, staff and the wider Deakin community.

Content on the Deakin channel currently features:

Research activities
Teaching and learning initiatives
Highlights of student work
Training guides
Videos of public lectures.

Visit Deakin on iTunes U

If you are a Deakin staff member and you do not have iTunes software on your computer you can download and install it through the Phoenix - Software Catalogue. 

If you are not a Deakin staff member and you do not have iTunes you can download iTunes here. Contact the Deakin iTunes U team

If Deakin staff member and you would like to upload content to the Deakin iTunes U channel, please email the Deakin iTunes U team.

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