About iTunes U

iTunes U sits within Apple's iTunes store and provides a platform for universities to showcase their activities to a global audience.

Essentially, iTunes U allows Higher Education institutions to make audio and visual content available for download and subscription.

The channel makes it easy for users to extend their learning, explore interests, learn more about universities and stay connected with their alma mater. Content can be downloaded and viewed on any Mac, PC, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Deakin welcomes new content from the University community and will ensure that content provided on the Deakin iTunes U channel is both relevant and of a good standard.

Each contribution needs to be focussed and classified according to a collection category with the intention to make content easy to navigate and highly accessible. For more information on Collection category's read iTunes U guidelines . You will find this under the Guides heading.

You may also include content you have originally created for your website or for DSO to increase exposure of your content to a wider audience.

Deakin's iTunes U Team is available to assist all staff with ideas and the development of content for contribution to iTunes U. Please ensure that content is relevant and adds value to the Deakin iTunes U channel; is of reasonable quality in terms of visual presentation and audio.

Contact Deakin's iTunes U Team at Knowledge Media Division for advice or to upload video into iTunes U. 

Refer to the audio and video links in left-hand menu for further information.

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