If your item contains third-party material (material that has not been created by you or by the University), you will usually need permission from the copyright owner to make it available through iTunesU. Third-party material must be acknowledged, i.e. credit provided. You need to consider material that you have sourced/borrowed/used and material that your lens/microphone has captured.

Sourced/borrowed/used material

If you decide to include material recorded from television, or snippets from a film on DVD, or internet video, you will probably need to seek permission. This may incur a licence fee. This is also true of any audio components such as radio programs, or music. If you include an image (photo/cartoon/diagram), you must check the copyright status. There may be a justification for using the image without seeking the copyright owner's permission, e.g. if it has been made available under a Creative Commons licence.

Captured by lens/microphone

Even if you are recording your own material, copyright issues may still arise, and using a particular location may require consent as may the filming of certain art works. You will need to obtain consent (in writing) from identifiable people, performers, and interviewees (voice only). Care should be taken when including a brand or logo - if in doubt, seek advice from the iTunesU admininistrator


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