iTunes U


What is iTunes U?

Essentially, iTunes U allows higher education institutions to make audio and visual content available for download and subscription. It is an application you must download from the Apple website.

How do I access Deakin's iTunes U?

If you are a Deakin staff member and you do not have iTunes software on your computer you can download and install it through the Phoenix - Software Catalogue.

If you are not a Deakin staff member and you do not have iTunes you can download iTunes here.

Do I need a computer or an iPod to see it?

Content on iTunes U can be downloaded and viewed on any Mac, PC, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

What can I contribute to iTunes U?

You can contribute your own audio recordings, lectures, recorded discussions, video, Camtasia movies, student work. We recommend you first consider iTunes U content from other universities around the world, including Deakin, to help you to plan your own contribution to Deakin's iTunes U.

Can I get help with ideas and recording?

Yes, the iTunes U Team are available to help you choose the type of the recording or assist with the recording process. Contact Deakin's iTunes U Team.

Are there any copyright issues I need to know about?

Refer to the copyright link in the left hand menu for more information.

What formats should I provide?

For video content typically the best format is .mov or .mp4 . See Video link for details. For audio content the best format is .mp3. See Audio link for details.

My iTunes U content is finalised, what should I do now?

Fill in the Staff upload page and submit your details. You will received a notification with information about where to place your content.

Can I link to Deakin's iTunesU from DSO?

Yes, to do this open the podcast in iTunes U application and right-click on the podcast collection image. Copy the URL address and paste this into your DSO site.

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19th August 2013