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Prof Marita Mc Cabe

Position: Alfred Deakin Professor
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Psychology
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446856 +61 3 92446856



Professor Marita McCabe is an Alfred Deakin Professor of Psychology at Deakin University. She is also Director of one of Deakin Universitys Strategic Research Centres the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research. She is the Associate Editor of Body Image and Journal of Sexual Medicine and on the editorial board of three other journals. Alfred Deakin Professor McCabe is regularly invited to give keynote addresses at international conferences in her areas of research: human sexuality, body image, and mental health among older people.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, 1981
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1978
  • Teachers Certificate, 1974


Fellow, Australian Psychological Society

Member, APS College of Clinical Psychologists

Member, APS College of Health Psychologists

Member, APS College of Forensic Psychologists


Teaching Interests

Coordinator of the thesis units for the Doctor of Psychology program.

Conferences and seminars

McCabe, M.P. (2014). Keynote address. Mindfulness in sex therapy. 21st International Sexual Health Congress, Antalya, Turkey, April. McCabe, M.P. (2013). Invited speaker. ISSM PE Guidelines Review Meeting. International Society for Sexual Medicine, Bangalore, India, April.
McCabe, M.P. (2013). Keynote speaker. Boys to men: How do male eating disorders and related conditions differ across lifespan. International Conference on Eating Disorders, Montreal, Canada, May.
McCabe, M.P. (2013). Keynote speaker. Psychological impact of PE on men and their Relationships. PRIMED meeting, Sydney, Australia, May.
McCabe, M.P. (2013). Keynote speaker. A needs analysis of Australians with MS. MS in the 21st Century, Melbourne, Australia, May.McCabe, M.P. (2012). Keynote speaker. Sociocultural influences on eating and physical activity: Not as simple as it seems. ANZOS Annual Scientific Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand, October.McCabe, M.P. (2011) Keynote speaker. Sexual Health for the Millennium Forging for the future. World Association for Sexual Health Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, June. McCabe, M.P. (2010). Keynote address. Measuring body image attitudes. 1st International Body Image Symposium. Sao Paulo, Brazil, August. McCabe, M.P. (2010). Keynote address. Psychological and interpersonal factors associated with premature ejaculation: An evaluation of different treatments. 14th World Meeting of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. Seoul, South Korea, September. McCabe, M.P. & Ricciardelli, L.A. (2010). Keynote address. Body image, body change strategies and sociocultural influences on body image: Adolescent boys and girls. Satra Conference, Satra, Sweden, October. McCabe, M.P. (2010). Keynote address. ED: The impact on the patient and his partner. Prostate Cancer Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, August. McCabe, M.P. (2010). Keynote address. Use of the internet for patient education and treatment in sexual medicine. Pfizer Uroscience, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, August. McCabe, M.P. (2010). Invited symposium (organiser). Sexual dysfunction in romantic relationships. 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia, July. McCabe, M.P. (2009). Keynote speaker. Partner and relationship: Impact of Premature ejaculation. Speakers Training for Dapoxetine, Janssen-Cilag Asia Pacific Medical Affairs. Seoul, Korea, March. McCabe, M.P., Mellor, D., Davison, T., & George K. (2009). Keynote address. Evaluation of a training program for carers to recognize depression among older people. HammondCares 5th National Conference on Depression in the Elderly, Sydney, May. McCabe, M.P. (2009). Keynote address. Psychological and Interpersonal Dimensions of Sexual Function and Dysfunction. WHO Consultation on Sexual Dysfunction. Paris, July. McCabe, M. P. (2009) Keynote address. Sexual dysfunction in romantic relationships. Marriage & Relationship Education National Conference. Melbourne, August.


Awards and prizes

APS Interest Group on the Psychology of Relationship Inaugural Research Award 1999.

Vice-Chancellors Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Supervision 1999.


Research projects

Director, Mental Health & Wellbeing Centre, SRC

Member, thesis Examination Subcommittee of the Research and Research Training Committee

Member, Faculty Research Croup Committee

Associate editor, Body Image: an International Journal of Research

Associate Editor, Journal of Sexual Medicine

Parliamentary Community Advisory Committee on Body Image Provides advice to the Minister of Employment and Youth Affairs

Research interests

Alfred Deakin Professor McCabes research area is in body image, obesity prevention treatment, eating disorders, human sexuality and depression and dementia among older people, and has published extensively in these areas.

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