Honours degree applications

If you're a high-achieving student set to finish your bachelors degree, you might have the chance to undertake an honours degree from Deakin.

Go deeper into your chosen field

Honours is a specialised year of study drawing together the theory and practical skills gained in your undergraduate studies. You'll develop an in-depth knowledge of your chosen discipline through research and additional course work.

Studying at the honours level is a great way to get valuable research experience, improve your career opportunities or specialise in an area that you love. Honours students are encouraged to take part in research seminars and forums and to present their research at conferences.

Apply in five steps

Deakin offers honours degrees by research or on-course, and your application processes depend on the individual faculty and what type of honours degree you want to pursue. 

Follow the steps below to understand the application process.

Find your honours degree

  • A research honours degree is usually one year full time and enhances your completed bachelors degree.
  • An on-course honours degree is one where the honours component is embedded within the entire bachelor's degree. It is usually four years or more in length, depending on the degree.

Browse through our extensive course offerings to find something you're passionate about. Not all Deakin courses have an honours degree component but there are many to choose from.

Find a course

Check the academic entry requirements and special application rules

Make sure you understand the entry requirements for your chosen course by reading the course details carefully.

While almost all research honours degree courses welcome applications from students who have completed their bachelor's degrees at another university, there are a couple of specialist courses that can only admit Deakin bachelor's degree holders due to the prerequisite of specific units.

Your course may require you to fill in an application form with information regarding a thesis topic or project outline.

Gather supporting documents

When you apply to Deakin, it's important to attach any requested supporting documentation, otherwise your application could be delayed or disallowed.

Find out more about preparing your application

Access and Equity Program

If circumstances in your life have limited your potential for studying at university, we also have a scheme that increases your chance of receiving a course offer (but doesn’t guarantee it).

If your course application is through VTAC, you can apply for access and equity through the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, and if you apply direct, provide us with more detail in the Application Portal.

Learn more about our Access and Equity Program

Applications are now open

The Deakin Application Portal has made applying for your ultimate course easier than ever. Plus, you can chat with our application experts on 1800 693 888 if you need support at any step.

Special requirements

 The following research honours courses have additional special requirements:

  • Arts (Honours)
  • Communication (Honours)
  • Creative Arts (Honours)
  • Psychology (Honours)
  • Exercise and Sport Science (Honours)
  • Nutrition Science (Honours)
  • Science (Honours)
  • Forensic Science (Honours)
  • Environmental Science (Honours)
  • Information Technology (Honours)

Examples of additional requirements could include the following:

  • an interview
  • a written test
  • a current police check from your country/state of residence
  • an immunisation history/evidence of vaccinations
  • a portfolio of work
  • referee reports
  • a preference form
  • an audition.

The individual course page will provide a list of requirements specific to your chosen field of study. Some of these additional selection criteria may need to be submitted with your application, while others may only be required after you receive an offer of a place. 

It’s your responsibility to check these requirements and ensure that all instructions are followed.


You might be eligible for one of the many scholarships Deakin has on offer. Our handy scholarship search tool can help you find all the scholarships that you could be eligible for. Remember to read each scholarship's details carefully and apply before the due date.

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Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning is the recognition of previous study, work or volunteer experience you might have completed. If approved, it can reduce the number of units you need to study at Deakin, allowing you to complete your course earlier.

Find out more about recognition of prior learning


When submitting your application, we’ll ask you to provide any extra information necessary, like details of previous study and work experience to help us consider your application. All applicants will be asked to demonstrate a level of English proficiency. Depending on the course, a more specific requirement such as maths or a portfolio may also be required.

English language requirements

There is a minimum level of English proficiency required to study all of our courses. Generally, you can meet this requirement by demonstrating you've completed Year 12, or studied at a TAFE or university in English and in an English speaking country.

For the most up-to-date English language requirements, please read the Schedule A - English Language Criteria for Deakin Coursework Programs PDF on the Deakin University Policy Library.

Computing requirements

At Deakin, we make extensive use of technology in our teaching. To study at Deakin you are required to have:

  • access to a device such as a desktop computer or laptop
  • connectivity to the internet
  • capability to use Deakin's online learning environments.

Learn more about Deakin's computing requirements