Fees paid by employers and sponsors

If a third party wants to pay your course fees directly to Deakin, they need to complete a Sponsorship Agreement form.

A sponsorship agreement is only valid for the course, duration and level of sponsorship specified on the signed Sponsorship Agreement form only. Any changes will require completion of a new Sponsorship Agreement form.

The sponsor is responsible for all specified fees incurred up to the end of the sponsorship agreement, or the point of termination of the sponsorship agreement if the sponsorship agreement is terminated early.

If your arrangement with your employer is temporary or informal, you can also just provide your employer with your invoice and they can make payment on your behalf.

If you are interested to make a formal arrangement and you are enrolled in an upcoming study period, please contact the Sponsorship and Bursaries team.


The sponsor must provide payment of the sponsored fees by the specified due date.

Where payment in full is not received by the due date, a reminder notice will be issued by Deakin.

Where payment is not received by the due date, an encumbrance will be placed on the student record. This encumbrance will prevent the student from accessing their assessment results, making any variation to their enrolment and applying to graduate.


Refunds of monies paid will be made to the sponsor unless Deakin receives written advice from the sponsor requesting otherwise.

A refund is only payable where the student has discontinued their unit/s of study on or before the study period census date.

Termination of sponsor agreement

The sponsor must advise Deakin University in writing in the event that they decide to terminate the sponsorship of a sponsored student prior to the end of the sponsorship agreement period.

Notification of the termination of sponsorship must be received on or before a study period census date for the termination to take effect in that study period.

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