While there are plenty of parking spaces at each of our campuses, they're in high demand, especially in the first six weeks of Trimesters 1 and 2. Make sure you've got a parking permit – the enforcement officers are particularly good at their jobs.

Find parking at each of our campuses

Visitor parking is available at our Waurn Ponds, Burwood and Warrnambool campuses – in some areas, for free.

Visitors can park in the 'General' permit zone white-lined car parking spaces located at our campuses. Don’t park in orange or green spaces as these require a different permit type.

Melbourne Burwood Campus

To find car park locations at the Melbourne Burwood Campus, go to the campus map. Car parks are marked as 'CP'.

Find out where to park at the Burwood Campus

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

Geelong Waurn Ponds has free Park and Go bays in CP3.

Alternatively you can park at the Barwon Valley Activity Centre (BVAC) in Belmont and take the free shuttle bus to campus.

If you're a visitor to Deakin, you'll need an official Visitor ID to ride the shuttle bus.

To find car park locations at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, go to the campus map. Car parks are marked as 'CP'.

Find out where to park at the Waurn Ponds Campus

Geelong Waterfront Campus

While there's no parking for visitors at our Geelong Waterfront Campus, all-day on-campus parking is available for students and staff for just $6.40.

For visitors, or for shorter stays, plenty of public parking is available along Cunningham Pier. You can find more public parking options on the City of Greater City Geelong website – there are plenty.

Find out where to park in Geelong

Find out where to park at the Waterfront Campus

Warrnambool Campus

Parking in general permit zones at our Warrnambool Campus is free.

To find car park locations, go to the campus map. Car parks are marked as 'CP'.

Find out where to park at the Warrnambool Campus

Paying for parking

Casual parking – Melbourne Burwood and Geelong Waurn Ponds campuses

Casual parking can be purchased by the hour or by the day through our pay-as-you-go system. It costs $1.60 per hour or $6.40 for the day. Get a ticket through the CellOPark parking app, which is free to download.

You'll need to use the relevant CellOPark zone number for registration.

Campus CellOPark zone number
Melbourne Burwood 1040300  
Geelong Waurn Ponds 1040100
Geelong Waterfront1040200
Greenwood Park1040500

Register and download CellOPark

Longer-term parking

Students, staff or visitors who park on campus regularly can purchase a 120 day or 365 day permit. Student long-term permits are not valid at the Waterfront Campus. Staff can have the cost taken from their salary if it makes things easier. Long-term parking applications are handled through our online vPermit system. Manage your long-term permit on your smartphone via the vPermit App.

Register for vPermit

Tenants and contractors

Tenants and contractors wishing to apply for long term parking permits should email Security and Transport, Campus Services directly.

Short-term parking permits may be purchased at all campuses, except the Geelong Waterfront Campus, using parking permit machines.

Official university guests

Faculties and divisions may issue daily visitor permits to official university guests, via vPermit. Visitor permits are not issued to contractors, students or staff.

Accessible parking

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, staff, and visitors who have a valid accessible parking permit issued for their use.

Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permits are no longer issued.  New permits are issued as Australian Disability Parking Permits.  Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permits and Australian Disability Parking Permits are valid until expiry.  Valid permits must be displayed clearly and a Deakin parking permit is not required.  If an accessible parking space is unavailable, vehicles displaying a valid permit may also park in orange or white bays, and a Deakin parking permit is not required.

Category 2 Disabled Persons Parking Permits are no longer issued.  New permits are issued as Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permits.  Category 2 Disabled Persons Parking Permits and Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permits are valid until expiry.  Permit holders are not permitted to park in accessible parking bays however vehicles displaying a valid permit are permitted to park in a General white bay for double the duration of their paid parking.

Temporary accessible parking authority

Persons with a temporary medical condition may apply for a Temporary Accessible Parking Authority supported by a medical certificate or letter from a doctor or specialist. A Temporary Accessible Parking Authority must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle parked in an Accessible Bay and is valid for the dates indicated. A valid Deakin University parking permit is also required.

Email to find out how to apply.

Families with small children

At our Melbourne Burwood Campus, families with small children can use the carpool parking area in Car Park 6, Level 2.

There are no stairs to get to and from this area, so it's great for families with prams.

Motorbikes, scooters and bicycles

We have free parking for all types of bikes at Deakin.

You can park your motorbike or scooter in designated bays or on the footpath (as long as they're not in the way) and we have bike racks and monitored bike cages for bicycles.

Carpool car park

Sharing a ride isn't just a nice way to start the morning – it's a good thing to do for the environment too.

We have a dedicated carpool car park at our Melbourne Burwood Campus – and a carpool matching service.

  • Melbourne Burwood Campus: Car Park 6, Level 2 (east end)

This area is designated for carpoolers only. To park in the designated carpooling area, vehicles must arrive at campus transporting more than one person and must have a valid parking permit for the zone where you are parked.

Sign up for our carpool service

Deakin bus services

Geelong intercampus shuttle bus

The Geelong intercampus shuttle bus is a free way for students and staff to travel between our two Geelong campuses. It runs regularly during the week.

Waterfront Express – our direct service to campus

Take the pressure out of trying to find a car park in the Geelong CBD. Deakin’s new express bus service is free to students and staff. Operating Monday to Friday, the first bus departs from the Try Boys Basketball Stadium at 501 Ryrie St, East Geelong (near the corner of Portarlington and Boundary Roads) at 7.30am with the last bus departing from the Waterfront at 6.15pm. The service runs as a continuous loop all day – approximately every 30 minutes!

Received a parking infringement?

Parking infringement notices may be issued on campus for illegally parked vehicles.

Infringements may be issued for:

  • No valid permit
  • expired parking permits
  • vehicles that don't have a valid permit for the zone in which the vehicle is parked
  • vehicles parked in areas other than a marked parking bay.

Instructions for paying infringements are noted on the reverse side on the parking infringement notice.

The person issued with the parking infringement notice, or person acting on his or her behalf, may apply to have the decision to serve the parking infringement notice internally reviewed by the enforcement agency under the Act.

All requests for review are facilitated by Bartels, Taylor and Associates on behalf of Deakin University.

To lodge a request for internal review, visit and note Deakin University as the Agency Name.

Written requests are also accepted and must include full particulars of the infringement, your name and address and are to be sent to:

Deakin University Contesting
PO Box 577
Melton VIC 3337