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Where should I publish my data?


DRO is Deakin University’s research repository, and provides digital curation. DRO describes and preserves the University’s research output and enables worldwide discovery through indexation by a range of popular search engines and repositories, such as Research Data Australia, and Google Scholar.

Use Deakin Research Footprints to describe datasets and data collections in DRO. When submitted via this tool, DRO staff will perform a quality review on the metadata. They will check NLA identifier and assign a DOI (digital object identifier) to the record. They will then publish the record through DRO to Research Data Australia (RDA).

Research Data Australia (RDA)

Research Data Australia (RDA) is a web portal that indexes Australian research data collections from universities and other research organisations.

RDA does not store the data itself. It displays records and links to the data stored by partners around the country.

Other data repositories

It may be appropriate for you to publish on particular external data repositories. This depends on what kind of data you have.

Some examples of subject-specific archives include:

For more examples:

  • Explore a list developed by PLOS
  • Explore a list developed by Nature
  • Explore a registry of data repositories at

Data journals

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