Deakin University promotes and endorses researchers' use of ORCID IDs.

Link your Elements and ORCID profiles.

What is an ORCID ID?

A unique researcher number that works as a persistent digital ID, distinguishing you from other researchers.

It looks like this:

ORCID is an independent non-profit initiative to provide:

  • an open registry of unique researcher IDs
  • open services to link research activities and organisations to these identifiers

Why should I get an ORCID ID?

ORCID and Deakin

Configuring your ORCID ID will enhance the ability of Elements to find and match your publications. If your ORCID profile is set up to automatically claim matched records from Scopus, CrossRef or PubMed, or if you included your ORCID ID with your publication manuscript, the publications will be automatically claimed in Elements.

Follow our instructions to connect your ORCID ID and Deakin Elements profile.

How will it help promote my research?

  • Link your ORCID ID and share information with other author identifier systems, including your SCOPUS Author ID and Web of Science ResearcherID.
  • Include your ORCID ID on grant applications, manuscript submissions, your CV, email signature and more.
  • Develop your profile page and you can import or list your publications, employment and education details.

How do I get an ORCID ID?

Simply complete the online registration form. It's fast, and free.


How do I add my ORCID ID to my email signature? Copy your ORCID profile URL, then in Microsoft Outlook, click File>Preferences>Signatures and paste the ORCID URL into your standard signature. If you also want the ORCID icon, you can download it from the ORCID website.

When do I need to use my ORCID ID? Publishers may ask for your ORCID ID when you submit a manuscript, and the option to include your ORCID ID in your application is now available from major funders such as the ARC and NHMRC.

Do I have to add my publications to my ORCID ID profile? No, you can use your ORCID ID as a digital identifier without adding information to your ORCID profile page. However, curating your publication list in your ORCID profile makes it easy to export a list for resumes and applications.

How do I add my publications to my ORCID ID profile? There are two ways you can add your publications to your ORCID ID profile:

  • Link with other identifiers, such as Scopus, ResearcherID or PubMed and choose to import publications to ORCID, or
  • Export a BibTex file from Elements and upload it to ORCID

See instructions for both methods.

How does having an ORCID ID help Deakin? Linking your ORCID ID helps the Elements publication management system identify and claim your publications, and using your ORCID ID makes it easier to link all funding and research output to you, and to Deakin.

How can I find out if I already have an ORCID ID?
Search for your name in the registry.

Will the University create an ORCID ID for me?
No, you will need to register yourself.

What makes ORCID different from other researcher IDs and profiles?
It's being adopted worldwide by researchers, universities, funding organisations and publishers and can be integrated with institutional and publisher systems.

Who manages my ORCID profile?
You do! You can choose the level of detail included, or designate a Trusted Individual to edit your profile on your behalf.

What about privacy?
You control the privacy settings and can set items to be visible only to everyone, trusted organisations, or only you.

What happens if I leave Deakin?
Your ORCID ID remains the same and travels with you. Update your email address in your profile settings.

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