Use research metrics

Access your research metrics

Always consider the responsible use of metrics.

Keep your author profiles up-to-date

Learn about researcher profiles like your ORCID, Scopus Author ID, Web of Science Researcher profile, or Google Scholar profile.

Check your application requirements

Check the grants application processes or the university academic promotions guidelines to learn the kind of research metrics you need for the preparation of your applications.

Access the Research Metrics Toolkit

The Research Metrics Toolkit is a self-help guide for learning about and accessing research metrics. To get started, you can choose a discipline from the landing page to access contextualised guidance and tips.

Watch a training session

Our self-help guide for research metrics contains a list of recordings of our previous training sessions about how to find your research metrics data.

Need more help?

Please complete the research metrics request form if you need help with research metrics for a funding or promotions application. Include as much detail as possible. We normally require two weeks' notice to assist you.

Request a consultation or organise a training session for your team

Contact our team to request an online consultation with one of our research librarians, or to organise a training session for your team. We’d love to work with you!