It is important that you correctly reference the sources you have quoted, paraphrased or summarised in your work.

An introduction to referencing for Deakin students is available at What is referencing?

There is also a comprehensive referencing guide with more information available.

Which referencing style do I use?

There are several referencing styles used at Deakin and different units can use different styles, so you should check which style is required in your unit. This information is typically found in your unit guide on your unit site.

Remember to visit the Deakin guide to referencing for instructions on how to cite your sources using the correct referencing style.

Reference Management Tools

Reference Management tools help you store, manage, create and share your references. They can be tricky to learn but will save you time in the long run.

Learn about tools that are available, relevant instructions, and training sessions.

Challenge yourself

Have a go and test your referencing skills by completing the activities below: