About the collection

This collection consists of over 5,000 pamphlets. The titles are predominantly those which have been published in Australia in the 20th century and focus on information of research value on subjects such as:

  • politics
  • communism
  • history
  • defence
  • education.

There are also a large number of historical pamphlets, including many early and rare Australian titles as well as rare material published in Britain and Europe and dating from the 18th century.

The collection is housed in pamphlet boxes and arranged by subject.

Find this collection

The pamphlet collection is listed in the Library Catalogue. The collection has the prefix:


The pamphlet collection can be used in the Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library.

Collection highlights

The strengths of the pamphlet collection reflects the strengths of the main collection, including:

  • Western Victoria
  • Pacific travel and tourism
  • building and construction
  • defence
  • education

There is also a good collection of rare 19th century pamphlets, many bound together in broad subject areas such as politics and the Boer War.