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Designing Empathy

Human-Centred Design by Deakin Design Students. Opens 13 October 2023.

Designing Empathy

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About exhibition

Designing Empathy presents recently produced projects by final year Deakin Design students. Presented as part of Geelong Design Week 2023, this exhibition unpacks various design processes undertaken by students, who are led by Human-Centred Design and a strong focus on empathy. Using this method, designers connect with and understand the user and their audience to convey an important message or call to action. This way of thinking places the human viewpoint at the centre of the design process ensuring it is adopted into all facets of the design, from conception through to realisation.

The projects in this exhibition demonstrate that, within design, the collaborative process and research is just as important as the tangible result. Design is also an agent of change that can provide real-world solutions to social problems. The projects that students engage with have the potential to improve social wellbeing across Australia through partnering with a variety of not-for-profit organisations as well as providing highly valuable real-world, studio experience for students.

Panel Discussion: Is user a bad word? Re-centring the Human into Human-Centred Design

How do we tangibly design with empathy front and centre? Presented as part of the 2023 Geelong Design Week, this panel discussion explores how we can place the human at the centre of the design process. Facilitated by Dr Tonya Meyrick, this panel features practicing designers who discuss design thinking with a focused consideration towards community, social and cultural ideals.


  • Danial Graham – Creative Director and Academic Tutor, DNGR Goods and Deakin University
  • Jess Pepper – Senior Designer, Ivy Street
  • Sarah Fennelly – Visual Design Lead, Deakin University Library
  • Tonya Meyrick – Senior Lecturer, Screen and Design, Deakin University

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