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EcoDigital Futures

18 May - 21 July 2024

EcoDigital Futures

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About exhibition

Creative Digital Intelligence is reshaping not only our cultural, social and economic spheres but also the natural environment. This evolution compels us to re-examine the foundations of our interaction with both the natural and digital realms, particularly concerning our use of natural resources.

This exhibition showcases 360° video alongside immersive digital and creative endeavours by academics and artists in media, communications and design. The featured works tackle the pressing ecological challenges and ethical considerations embedded within our increasingly digital lives.

The artists integrate ‘ecosophy’ – the philosophy of ecological harmony and balance – as a guiding principle. By exploring how human interaction with digital infrastructure can serve as a conduit for critical and creative practices that honour and advance ecological harmony, the exhibition invites visitors to contemplate the role of technology in a sustainable and equitable future.

Complemented by a suite of public programs and events, this exhibition is a collaborative production between Deakin’s Critical Digital Infrastructures and Interfaces (CDII) research group and Deakin Library’s new exhibitions program, which provides a platform to explore the ideas that shape our University and community.

On display from late May, the exhibition will feature the explorative works of Higher Degree by Research students alongside those engaged in the Media Ecologies unit. These emerging talents, on the cusp of professional life as media and communications experts and creative practitioners, have been developed under the mentorship of professional artists and Deakin University’s own faculty. This exhibition underscores Deakin’s commitment to fostering practitioner-research excellence.


  • Associate Professor Toija Cinque
  • Pip Minney
  • Dr Luke Heemsbergen
  • Allan Jones


  • Cameron Bishop & Simon Reis
  • Toija Cinque
  • Julio Escudero & Luke Heemsbergen
  • Allan Jones & Martin Potter
  • Benjamin Knock
  • Darren Middleton & Yirrmal Marika
  • Zahidah Zelda Zeytoun Millie
  • Luke Munn
  • Trewlea Peters
  • Frederick Rodrigues
  • Spencer Rose
  • Anne Scott Wilson
  • Tyson Yunkaporta & Jack Manning Bancroft


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