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Form Shadow Space: Analogical Perceptual Artefacts

26 February - 17 May 2024

Form Shadow Space: Analogical Perceptual Artefacts

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This exhibition showcases practice-based research by Professor Eleanor Suess and Dr Maycon Sedrez from Deakin’s School of Architecture and Built Environment. Sedrez and Suess each seek to explore ways in which artefacts of architecture induce spatial perception. Through their respective work, they present expanded forms of architectural representation, drawing upon techniques from artistic practice to explore architectural concerns such as space and void, shadow and light, scale and time. They both intentionally question how images are formed through different approaches and how their perception instigates new architectural knowledge.

Sedrez works with two-dimensional media, drawing out architecture from memory by employing unconventional painting tools to investigate generation of spaces and void. Suess starts with three-dimensional artefacts, using cyanotype printing to record the shadows of compositions of objects, and unsettles an understanding of scale through architectural models.

By combining works by Sedrez and Suess in a dialogue, the viewer is invited to consider representation in the context of architecture, space and shadow.

Header image: Eleanor Suess, Axonometric Portrait 9a (detail), 2020, cyanotype photogram. Courtesy the artist.

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