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Architecture Vacancy Lab & Geelong’s Industrial Heritage


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This exhibition traces Geelong’s changing industrial identity by bringing together historical real estate posters drawn from Deakin Library’s Special Collections with creative projects produced by Deakin’s Architecture Vacancy Lab. This cross-disciplinary research team, working at the intersection of teaching and research, addresses the traditions, hierarchies, canons and histories of architecture through practice-based and community-centred work.

Under the Vacant Geelong research initiative, the Lab has produced a series of creative works since 2015 that explore Geelong’s industrial identity with a focus on the industrial landscape of vacated sites and facilities. The projects in this exhibition reveal the Lab’s approach to reframing Industrial Vacancy through the representation and counter-representation of data, experimental design, propositional projects and provocative works.

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Deakin University is a collaborator for this exhibitionArchitecture Vacancy Lab is a collaborator for this exhibition

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