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Mapping Stigma

Until 28 January 2024

Mapping Stigma

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Mapping Stigma presents body maps produced by Victorian women who have faced stigma and discrimination due to their experiences of mental distress, disability, or a refugee background. Each map tells a unique narrative, and vividly depicts the life histories, experiences, and ideas of its maker. In a spirit of generosity, artists have shared challenges and hardships, as well as moments of triumph and resilience, in the hope that telling their stories will make a positive difference to those who see them.

Maps were created as part of Women marginalised by mental health, disability, or refugee background, a cross-institutional research project, led by Katherine Boydell and managed by Priya Vaughan (Black Dog Institute) which included Professor Angela Dew, School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University.

Content warning: This exhibition explores themes including suicide, sexual assault, abuse, and discrimination.

Panel discussion

This panel discussion explores key themes and findings from the cross-institutional body-mapping study 'Women marginalised by mental health, disability, or refugee background'.

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