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Neighbourhood: Deakin Visual Art Society

26 February - 5 May 2024

Neighbourhood: Deakin Visual Art Society

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About exhibition

A neighbourhood is a community of intersecting stories and lives. Showcasing the diversity and creativity of a group of talented Deakin student artists, this exhibition reflects the unique perspectives on what it means to belong.

Coming together each week to work individually on their own creations, the Deakin Visual Art Society provides a platform for emerging artists of all disciplines to network, collaborate and experiment. This group is open to all students, regardless of what they study. The aim of the group is to be creative and have fun with new friends, providing a social outlet and contributing to a vibrant campus community.

As part of this exhibition, visitors are invited to participate in the creation of a collaborative group artwork: a paper neighbourhood representing the vibrancy of the whole Deakin community.

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