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Dr Yuka Fujimoto

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: Department of Management
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446512 +61 3 92446512



  • Bachelor of Business (Management) (Honours), 1998
  • Bachelor of Business (Management), 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2003


  • Member, Academy of Management (Gender and diversity in organisations division, human resource division)
  • Suicide Prevention Australia

Professional activities

  • Associate Editor: Journal of Management and Organization
  • Editorial Board member: International Journal of Education
  • Editorial Board member: Research and Practice Human Resource Management


Teaching Interests

  • Socially responsible organisations
  • Human resource management
  • Diversity and international oriented human resource management

Conferences and seminars

Selected since 2008

Fujimoto, Y., Azmat, F., & Subramaniam, N. (2014). Creating Community Inclusive Organization: Organizational Accountability Framework, Academy of Management Conference, August 1-5, 2014 Philadelphia. 

Zhao, Y., & Fujimoto, Y., Gao, S. (2014). Exploration of Chinese Employees' Perceived Organizational Family Support, Academy of Management Conference, August 1-5, 2014 Philadelphia.

Fujimoto, Y. (2013). Organizational Diversity Learning Framework: Going Beyond Diversity Training Academy of Management Conference, August 9-13, 2013, Orlando, Florida

Fujimoto, Y., Hartel, C. E. J., & Pekerti, A. (2012) Strengths that Individualism and Collectivism Bring into Workgroups: A Call for Human-Strengths-based HR Practices. Academy of Management Conference, Aug 3-7, Boston.

Fujimoto, Y., Hagel, P, Turner, P., Kattiyapornpong, U. and Zutshi, A. (2010), Helping university students to read scholarly journal articles: the benefits of a structured and collaborative approach, Enhancing Learning Experiences in Higher Education: International Conference, December 2-3, 2010, Hong Kong.

Fujimoto, Y., Edwards, D. Rentschler, R. (2008) What Diversity Management Can Learn from Community Organizations: Theories and Practices Academy of Management Conference, August 8-13, in Anaheim, California


Awards and prizes

  • 2013 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Conference, Florida
  • 2012 Best Reviewer Award, Australian and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) conference
  • 2007 Short listed for the Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing - category "Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Single Title
  • 2002 Best paper award, International conference on emotions and organisational life, Brisbane
  • 2002 Best paper proceeding, Asia Academy of Management meetings, Singapore
  • 2002 Postgraduate publication award, Monash University
  • 2000 University of Queensland Graduate School award
  • 1999 Best paper proceeding, Academy of Management meetings, Chicago


Research interests

  • Work-life balance, work-community interface for less privileged
  • Minority inclusion in organisations and society
  • Diversity-inclusive human resource management
  • Human well-being and quality of life



Selected publications

Fujimoto, Y., & Azmat, F. (in press) Organizational justice of work-life balance for professional/managerial group and non-professional group in Australia: creation of inclusive and fair organizations, Journal of Management and Organization (Excellence in Research for Australia [ERA]: B)

Azmat, F., Fujimoto, Y., & Rentschler, R. (in press) Exploring Cultural Inclusion: Perspectives from a Community Arts Organisation Australian Journal of Management (ERA: A)

Fujimoto, Y., Rentschler, R., Le. H., Edwards, D., & Hartel, C. E. J. (2013) Lessons learned from community organizations: Inclusion of people with disabilities and others, British Journal of Management Published online first (ERA: A)

Fujimoto. Y., Härtel, C. E.J ., Azmat, F. (2013). Towards a diversity justice management Model: Integrating organizational justice and diversity management. Social Responsibility Journal, 9(1), 148-166(ERA: B)

Fujimoto Y., Azmat, F., & Hartel, C. E. J. (2013) Gender perception of work-life balance: Management implication for full-time employees. Australian Journal of Management, 35:147-170(ERA: A)

Fujimoto, Y., Hagel, P. Turner, P., Kattiyapornpong, U.. & Zutshi A. (2011) Helping university students to ‘read’ scholarly journal articles: the benefits of a structured and collaborative approach Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 8(3), 1-14(ERA: B)

Oreg, S.,  Vakola, M., Arciniega, L., Armenakis, A., Barkauskiene, R., Bozionelos, N.,  Fujimoto, Y., González, L., Han, J., Hrebícková, M., Jimmieson, N., Kordacová, J., Mitsuhashi, H., Mlacic, B., Feric, I., Topic, M. K.,M., Ohly, S.,M., Saksvik, P. Ø., Saksvik, I., Dam, K (2008). Dispositional resistance to change: Measurement equivalence and the link to personal values across 17 Nations, Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(4), 935-944.(ERA=A*)

Härtel, C. E. J. & Fujimoto, Y.  (2000). Diversity is not the problem-Openness to Perceived Dissimilarity is. Journal of Management and Organization, 6(1), 14-27.(ERA=B)

Fujimoto, Y., Härtel, C. E. J., Härtel, G. F., & Baker, N. J. (2000). Openness to dissimilarity moderates the consequences of diversity in well-established groups.  Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 38(3), 46-61.(ERA=B)

Härtel, C. E. J & Fujimoto, Y.  (1999)The Perceived Dissimilarity Openness Moderator Model. Academy of Management Proceedings, 1, C1-C6. Academy of Management.

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