Student Complaints

We hope you find your time at Deakin to be enjoyable and rewarding. If you're unhappy about something at Deakin, you can give us feedback via Student Central, contact the responsible person or area, or make a complaint to Student Complaints.

Note that assessment issues are normally handled by the faculties under the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) or Academic Progress procedures.

1. Ask for help

Safer Community can help if you have suffered sexual harm, feel unsafe or threatened because of the way someone at Deakin is behaving. (If you are on campus now and need an immediate response, call Deakin Security on 1800 062 579.)

A Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officer can help you to clarify what's happening and what to do if you think you may be experiencing discrimination, victimisation or bullying.

A Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) Advocate can also provide you with free, confidential advice.

2. Talk to someone

If you feel comfortable doing so, you may be able to resolve your concerns informally by talking directly with the responsible person or area, or asking one of the following people to help you with this:

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If you are considering making a complaint, you can also contact the Designated Complaints Contact in the relevant area. They may be able to help you straight away. See 'Points of contact' below.

Points of contact

Faculties and Schools

Area Complaints ContactEmailPhone

Faculty of Arts and Education

  Heather Rose

924 46940

  Sumita Verma 925 17332

Faculty of Business and Law


Jen Smith (all campuses - escalation) 924 43859
  John Dean (Burwood) 924 45144
  Jo Wilson (Geelong) 522 72505
  Bronwyn Kelly (Higher Degrees by Research) 522 72442

Faculty of Health

  Shufen Lin, Student Experience Manager

924 68030

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

  Linda Scammells

924 46570
 Kaylene Gunstan

924 46943

Institute of Koorie Education

  Natasha Rossington 522 71181


  Claudia Pazos Vivas +61 3 924 68866
  Jennfier Hsu +61 3 924 46142

Administration and Services

Issue Designated Complaints Contact:
Admission Domestic students: Cathy Gutierrez
Ph: 5227 3385

International students: Ping Khoo 
Ph: 924 45211                
Building maintenance

To report maintenance issues:

Cleaning Emma Connan
Ph: 522 78531
Customer service - Student Central Jodie Aanensen
Ph: 924 68106
Enrolment and re-enrolment processes

Cathy Gutierrez
Ph: 522 73385

Examinations Michael Tuckley
Ph: 924 68003

Sue Kulinski
Ph:  522 73376

For potential danger, call Security 1800 062 579. In an emergency, call 000 (add a zero if calling from an internal phone), then call Security.

Fees, student finances and refunds Pamela Pritchard
Ph: 522 72342
Finance Elyse Cumine
Ph: 9246 8641
Food services Emma Connan
Ph: 522 78531
Grounds maintenance Emma Connan
Ph: 522 78531
Information technology

Hayley Grey
Ph: 524 79594


Director, Client Services - Clare Carlsson
Ph: 925 17180

Burwood - Kim Phu
Ph: 925 17017

Geelong Waurn Ponds - Fiona Russell
Ph: 522 72713

Geelong Waterfront - Sabina Robertson
Ph: 924 46662

Warrnambool - Bec Muir
Ph: 556 33019


Emma Connan
Ph: 522 78531


Burwood: Yonna Cowan
Ph: 9246 8701

Geelong: Marion Bailey
Ph: 522 73453

Warrnambool: Gabrielle Tobin
Ph: 556 33380

Scholarships Pamela Pritchard
Ph: 522 72342

Phone (free call) 1800 062 579

Complaints Contact: Emma Connan
Ph: 522 78531

Student administration

Ross Hagland - Assessment and Result issues
Ph:  924 46005

Kaine Leonard - Graduation issues
Ph. 522 73422

Cathy Gutierrez - Admission and Enrolment issues
Ph: 5227 73385

Pamela Pritchard - Fee and scholarship issues
Ph: 522 72342

Jodie Aanensen - Customer Service issues
Ph: 924 68106

Student support services Salli Bruce
Ph: 522 7115959
Study overseas Victoria Heron
Ph: 924 45277
Visa issues and CoE reporting Clare Wilson
Ph: 9244 5091

3. Make a complaint

If the matter is still not resolved, or you would like it handled at the University level, you can make a complaint using the Student Complaints Form. Your complaint will be handled in accordance with the Student Complaints Resolution policy and procedure. The process is explained in the attached flowchart. Please email if you have questions about the complaint resolution process or would like to talk to a Student Complaints Officer.

Hands holding a phone, person reading from the screen

4. Internal review

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint and would like the matter to be reconsidered, you may have grounds for an internal review of your complaint. You can also seek an external review of final University decisions by the Victorian Ombudsman.

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