Projects and initiatives

Find out about our recent projects and initiatives. If you'd like to know more, or the initiative you are interested in isn't listed here, contact Deakin's University Librarian.

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Pilot and proof of concept

In July 2019 Deakin University Library commenced a six month project to investigate Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) free information resources for use in Deakin’s teaching and learning.

The project focused on how the use of OERs and similar resources can support learning and teaching, provide an improved return on University investments, and in some cases obviate the need for students to purchase textbooks and other prescribed readings.

Innovation through digital displays

We pride ourselves on innovation, with a strong focus on the student experience. Our video wall at Waterfront Campus Library provides a progressive and dynamic way for students to engage with the Library.

We keep the content fresh and responsive to the times, with a vibrant schedule across the year. Themes range from collections and research showcases through to live-streamed sporting events.