Use research tools and software

What are reference management tools?

Not sure where to start with choosing a reference management tool? Compare the key features of different reference management tools.

EndNote guide

EndNote is the reference management tool used most at Deakin. Check out our EndNote guide for instructions, and download EndNote for your personal computer from the Deakin Software Library.

Mendeley help guides

Mendeley is another popular reference management tool. Deakin has an institutional subscription to Mendeley, so if you sign on using your Deakin email account, you will have access to:

  • a much larger storage allowance (100GB), and
  • increased sharing and other facilities.

You can find help and resources on the Mendeley guides website.

Zotero help guides

Zotero is a free, open-source reference manager. Check out their extensive documentation and support over on the Zotero website.

NVivo for Literature Review

NVivo 12 is software designed to enable qualitative and mixed-methods research. The developer is QSR International.

Although some of NVivo's advanced features are for dedicated qualitative researchers, NVivo can also provide significant help with any kind of analytical writing.

In the NVivo for Literature Review guide we focus on literature reviews. The same techniques are potentially applicable to:

  • conference papers
  • articles
  • commentaries
  • book reviews
  • legal memoranda or submissions
  • student essays.

Deakin eResearch: Training and events

Deakin researchers and research students have access to a wide range of technical training workshops, from beginner through to advanced levels in High-Performance Computing, MS Excel, programming, data management, cleaning, visualisation and exploration, and more. There is no cost to Deakin researchers and research students for participating in these training workshops.

Visit the Deakin eResearch Training and events website.

Deakin Software Library

Visit the Deakin Software Library to find, download and install software for your personal or unmanaged Deakin computer.

Deakin staff members and HDR students can access a wide range of software for installation and use on Deakin managed computers from the new Software Catalogue.