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Strategic Leadership Team and strategic contacts

The Strategic Leadership team sets and implements library strategy and monitors overall library performance. Our library partners are strategic contacts for engaging with the Library.

Strategic Leadership Team and strategic contacts

Strategic Leadership Team

University Librarian

Mx. Hero Macdonald leads and manages the University Library, assuring the Library's high quality services and resources are aligned with the University's strategic directions.

Library Services, Experience and Engagement

Ms. Clare Carlsson leads the Experience and Engagement team. They provide library space management, general enquiries, exhibition and public programs and Library experience design.

Library Services, Information

Ms. Jane Miller leads the Information team. They provide scholarly communications and research outputs, copyright and records, collections and description and discovery.

Library Services, Outreach and Scholarly Services

Mr. Frank Ponte leads the Outreach and Scholarly Services team. They provide library partnering, scholarly services and program development and curriculum design and delivery.

Library Performance and Planning

Mr. Stephen Dearnaley leads the Library Performance and Planning team. They provide administrative support, communications, analytics and insights, student placement coordination and facilities and projects.

Library Indigenous Programs

Ms. Tui Raven leads the Library’s suite of Indigenous Programs. They provide expert advice and direction on Indigenous matters across all aspects of Library services and resources, in support of the University's strategic commitment to the First Nations students, staff and communities that we serve.

Library Partners

Library Partners are responsible for strategically developing client engagement with the Library. They aim to align Library services, collections and programs with the needs of specific faculties and divisions.

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