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Welcome to the Library

Your welcome to Deakin Library, from Hero Macdonald, University Librarian.

Welcome to the Library

Message from Hero Macdonald, University Librarian

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At Deakin University Library we provide a vibrant virtual and physical centre. We offer innovative services, resources and spaces that align with your learning, teaching and research needs.

We are continually developing new and improved ways to support you throughout your learning journey, and effective channels to collaborate with staff.

Access the Library anytime, anywhere

We live in a digital age and thrive on personal connectivity. This is reflected in the availability of our information resources - which are mobile friendly and device neutral, enabling you to connect in ways that suit you best.

Our drive to improve and evolve also translates to leading technology options for our research and academic colleagues. Deakin Research Online showcases a wealth of research outputs offering insights into the work of our key thinkers. We are instrumental in developing digital literacy capability across the University, helping to underpin firm foundations for learning and research – well beyond graduation. Integrated online learning resources, digital literacy training and responsive multi-channel support options are also a big part of how we connect with you, and enhance your experiences at Deakin.

You can find out more on our range of online and print collections. Check our extended opening hours and the facilities we offer at each campus library.

Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library

Special Collections of rare and valuable items are accessible through our Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library and new digitisation projects. We also present local and travelling exhibitions in our gallery space, alongside the collected works and extensive photo montage of Alfred Deakin.

How we work with you

We are available to help you: in person at each campus library, by phone, via email, online chat, Facebook and Twitter.

Our team of Librarians specialise in discipline areas and are your key Library contacts. They are available in each School during 'Librarian in Residence' days, and offer individual assistance and group training that is tailored to your needs. In addition, our Research Librarians provide expert assistance for more challenging areas of research publication, information and research data management.

Be sure to use the Library in its many forms and ask us for assistance through our many channels.

Good luck with your studies, your teaching and research!

Hero Macdonald
University Librarian

Contact us

Get quick answers and tips to get the most from your Library. Contact our library staff for help, support or to give feedback.