Senior Staff

University Librarian

Leads and manages the University Library, assuring the Library's high quality services and resources are aligned with the University's strategic directions.

Dr. Craig Anderson
University Librarian
+61 3 5247 9509
Geelong Waterfront Campus

Library Executive Officer

Client Services

The client services provided to students and staff of Deakin University and its affiliates.

Ms. Clare Carlsson
Director, Client Services and Deputy University Librarian
+61 3 9251 7180

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Collections, Copyright and Licensing

The acquisition, provision and management of information resources provided to students and staff of Deakin University and its affiliates.

Mr. Colin Bates
Director, Collections and Global Access
+61 3 5227 2713

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Digital Library and Repositories

Developing innovative library services enabling discovery of the world's scholarship and knowledge in a digital age.

Ms. Jane Miller
Director, Digital Libraries and Repositories
+61 3 5227 3112

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Information and Records Services

Supporting the governance and preservation of records, objects and related information relative to the University's origin, development, achievements and activities.

Ms. Kathryn Hore
Information Manager
+61 3 9244 5165

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Library Resources and Development

Provides the Library with professional financial and human resource services that support the Division's strategic objectives.

Mr. Stephen Dearnaley
Associate Director, Library Resources and Development
+61 3 5227 8218

Geelong Waterfront Campus