Senior staff

University Librarian

Leads and manages the University Library, assuring the Library's high quality services and resources are aligned with the University's strategic directions.

Mx. Hero Macdonald
University Librarian
+61 3 5227 3568
Geelong Waterfront Campus

Library Executive Officer

Ms. Kate Beckwith

Library Services (Experience and Engagement)

Ms. Clare Carlsson
Director, Library Services (Experience and Engagement)
+61 3 9251 7180
Melbourne Burwood Campus

Library Services (Information)

Ms. Jane Miller
Director, Library Services (Information)
+61 3 5227 3112
Geelong Waterfront Campus

Library Services (Outreach and Scholarly Services)

Mr. Frank Ponte
Director, Library Services (Outreach and Scholarly Services)
+61 3 5227 8705
Geelong Waterfront Campus

Library Performance and Planning

Mr. Stephen Dearnaley
Senior Manager, Performance and Planning
+61 3 5227 8218
Geelong Waterfront Campus