Find copyright-free resources

As a rule of thumb, you are always safe to use content that:

  • you own the copyright in
  • you can use under an exception in the Copyright Act
  • is out of copyright or the creator has waived their rights
  • you have permission to use (if your use is for University purposes, the Copyright Office can seek permission on your behalf)
  • is licensed under an appropriate Creative Commons licence
  • is licensed or permissible for your uses through the website terms and conditions
  • you link to embed content to allow users to access the content themselves

Open Education Resources

Open Education Resources (OERs) are educational materials available for free use and adaption under an open sharing licence (eg. Creative Commons) or are free from copyright restrictions (i.e. the public domain) that can enrich the Deakin teaching and learning experience.

OERs can be textbooks, teaching and learning materials, images, videos, games, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments.

Find open educational materials specific to your teaching area.

Copyright-free images

These are just a few sites where you can find Public Domain images, where the copyright owner has waived their rights or copyright has expired.

It is still best practice to cite where you sourced an image by lising a URL, or citing Public Domain, (PD) or CC0.