Depositing research

When describing and making research accessible through DRO, it fulfils obligations under the following policies:

  • Deakin University's Publication and Dissemination of Research Procedure (clause 15-17)
  • The Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (The Code), (clause 2.5.2) the ARC discovery grants funding rules, (clause 13.3.2) states that the Final Report must outline how data arising from the Project has been made publicly accessible where appropriate
  • The NHMRC notes that if a researcher is not intending to deposit the data from a project in a repository within a six month period, s/he should include the reasons in the project's Final Report
  • Other funding body open access mandates.

What to deposit?

All research outputs by Deakin University staff and HDR students must deposited. For staff new to the University, provide digital material, citation lists or CVs of recent and previously published research for processing by DRO staff.

Versions that may be deposited are:

  • the published version - this is the final published version as copy edited by the publisher
  • the post print - is the 'accepted manuscript' version of an article accepted for publication. This includes revisions but without copy editing and formatting supplied by a publisher.

Research types that may be deposited include:

  • journal articles
  • books
  • book chapters
  • conference papers
  • datasets
  • audio and audio visual recordings
  • sound clips, images, charts and tables
  • performance
  • patents
  • theses - HDR, Honours, Masters
  • technical reports
  • exhibition or exhibition catalogue
  • newspapers and other media articles
  • public lectures
  • and other.

In addition, all eligible research that meets government reporting requirements for Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) and Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) must be deposited. This is regardless of whether it has been previously published in an online journal or it was published while affiliated at another institution.

All funded research to comply with individual funding body requirements, eg. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Research Council (ARC) and other research as specified for funding bids is also required for deposit.

Material that does not meet the criteria of research for DRO is:

  • teaching materials e.g. lecture notes, reading lists
  • multimedia teaching resources not related to research outputs
  • administrative materials such as committee papers and administrative reports.

How to deposit?

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions of the DRO deposit agreement. The agreements reflects the University's policy on depositing material in DRO and open access, as stated in the University's Research Conduct Policy, clauses 52 and 53. This agreement between the author and the University enables DRO staff to deposit the work, check publisher permissions on behalf of the author and, where possible, make the research output open access.
  2. Self-submit publications directly into the repository or via a faculty research administrator.

Use the Publications wiki to assist you when you are submitting research output to DRO.

Current year publications that fall into the HERDC category A1, B1, C1 or E1 will require the approval of the faculty in some cases. All other publications, including items published prior to appointment to Deakin University can be sent to DRO or self-submitted for access, storage and preservation.