Open Access and Copyright

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DRO contains over 17,000 openly accessible research outputs, theses, and digitised items. These are freely available to anyone in the world and require no payment to access.

To search for specific open access content, you can do an advanced search in DRO and limit your results to ‘open access works only’, or browse the Open Access Collection.

To see the digital exhibitions of our digitised special collection material, visit Fusion.

Deakin University encourages open access and Deakin researchers can learn more about making publications open access in DRO.

Copyright and publishing

Material is made open access in DRO in accordance with publisher licences and policies, Deakin policy, and the Copyright Act 1968.

Queries regarding copyright material in DRO should be directed to

If you believe that your rights have been infringed by this repository, please submit a copyright infringement take-down notice form.