About DRO

DRO - is Deakin University's digital research repository which provides digital curation by describing and preserving the research output produced by Deakin University researchers, staff and higher degree research students.

Creating descriptive and detailed records in DRO will ensure that the work will be discoverable by the world's major search engines such as Google Scholar, and harvested through OAIster, TROVE and other scholarly databases. Where possible access to full text, peer reviewed published articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, images, performances and other research output is provided.

The collection

The repository collections include:

DRO delivers the data for the University's research reporting obligations for the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) and Excellence in Research Australia (ERA), and funding body requirements, for Australian Research Council (ARC), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and others. These records form a major component of the DRO research collection.

Services and support

DRO has the functionality to produce a full citation list that can be used for web profile pages and CVs, and has further export options to Excel, Word and EndNote.

DRO is also the data source for research output pages on faculty websites.

Features include:

  • RSS feeds for other researchers work and topics you are following
  • Sharing via social media
  • Search across multiple fields and open access only content
  • Statistical data for citation counts, geographical information and downloads
  • Storage of researcher IDs
  • Secure storage for confidential material in a dark archive
  • HTML code created to provide a dynamic link to your research.

DRO staff will:

  • Provide quality checks of metadata and digital objects
  • Advise and educate on self-submission of records
  • Assist with record creation and archiving of previously published work
  • Check compliance of records for research reporting
  • Seek the copyright and publisher permissions to enable open access
  • Manage the file format for digital preservation and storage.


The benefits of sharing your work in DRO include:

  • increased impact and recognition of research
  • raise research profiles
  • increased citation of work acknowledging researcher's contribution
  • connects and identifies researchers within the broader research community
  • creation of new opportunities for collaboration and exchange
  • transparent and supports research integrity
  • support for the responsible communication of research results
  • reuse by researchers in other fields for different purposes.