Campus Services

We deliver a broad range of services that contribute toward Deakin's sustainability and promote an enjoyable campus experience for our students, staff, alumni and friends.

Security, transport and retail

Safety and security

Safety is our priority. We oversee Deakin’s security and critical incident services, systems and facilities including the university’s emergency response. All campuses are monitored and supervised by our security officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

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Travel and transport

We manage Deakin’s vehicle fleet, transport initiatives and parking facilities. We offer multiple, flexible choices for sustainable transport and parking including a complimentary inter-campus bus service and online, pay-as-you-go parking permits.

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Sustainability, supply and environments

Contract and grounds

We deliver integrated services across the university including cleaning, waste and pest control. We also implement service agreements to ensure clean, hygienic facilities and well-maintained grounds.


We plan, promote and report on Deakin's achievements and commitments to embed sustainability principles across all of our activities.

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Catering and food services

We lead the vision and management of all hospitality venues, corporate centres and event spaces across the university.

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Health and safety

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Here at Deakin, OHS isn’t just a policy. We’re committed to providing our staff with a safe, healthy and happy work environment.

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Venues, events and logistics

Campus logistics

We manage and coordinate all campus-based logistics including mail, porterage and printing.

Event services and venue hire

Deakin has a wide range of flexible spaces and facilities available for hire, along with a team of experienced professionals who can project manage your next conference or event.

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We lead the vision and management of all hospitality venues, corporate centres and event spaces across the university.

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Chris Jones
Executive Director
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Karly Lovell
Director, Security, Transport and Retail
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Susie Birdsall
Director, Health and Safety 
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Emma Connan
Director, Sustainability, Supply and Environments 
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Spiro Fatouros
General Manager, Contracts and Categories 
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Tamara Chalmers
Director, Venue's Events and Logistics
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Claire Heazlewood
Manager, Business Services and Communications
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Diane Debrincat
Business Coordinator
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Michael Gillard
Security Operations (Regional)
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Ryan Orchard
Security Operations (Metro)
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