Deakin eSolutions

As leaders in technology, we drive digital innovation at Deakin. We collaborate across the University to deliver intelligent, future-focused solutions that anticipate and respond to our needs.

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Our services

On a day-to-day basis, eSolutions:

  • helps students and staff with basic IT problems
  • utilises opportunities to grow efficiencies through technology
  • manages the cultural and business change that results when we implement large-scale, strategic IT projects.

Ultimately, eSolutions ensures the University has the technical capabilities, process maturity, and digital project expertise to harness trends like:

  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • personalisation
  • collaboration
  • information.

It's our job to help Deakin make the most of each one.

What is Deakin eSolutions?

We collaborate with managers and executive, teachers and students, researchers, support and professional staff, and other members of the University community to harness our digital potential.

Contact us

General enquiries
Email the eSolutions service team

Technical support
1800 463 888

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday: 8am–8pm
Weekends: 11am–5pm