Division of Student Life

Our purpose is to enable the success of all Deakin students by developing and providing diverse, practical and efficient services, resources and facilities.

Our services

Health and wellbeing

Student and staff wellbeing is a priority at Deakin. We offer a range of specialised services to help students stay healthy and safe – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our services include medical centres, confidential counselling, Safer Community, multifaith chaplains, general student welfare and on-campus childcare.

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Orientation and induction

We lead the development and coordinated delivery of specialised welcome, orientation and induction activities for all students. Our purpose is to ensure students’ long-term engagement with Deakin University and each other.

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Harmonious and respectful campus culture

In partnership with the Student Association, student clubs and societies we work hard to achieve a harmonious and respectful campus culture. This is done through inter-cultural event information and education, celebration of diversity and zero tolerance of abuse, harassment or victimisation in any form.

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Study support and English language skills

We're dedicated to providing specialised and tailored study support. We ensure continued improvement and development of academic ability, English language, numeracy and communication skills for life.

Independent academic advocacy services are also provided in collaboration with DUSA.

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Deakin Card

Imagine if just one card could do everything. Pay for things, check out library books, subscribe to memberships. No need to imagine – you'll get one when you start at Deakin as a student or member of staff.

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Sport and recreation

We manage, develop and enhance Deakin’s recreation and sporting facilities. We also deliver an engaging program of recreational activities in partnership with the DeakinACTIVE, DUSA and other key partners.

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Contact us

John Devereaux
Executive Director, Division of Student Life
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Corinna Ridley
Manager, Student Academic and Peer Support Services
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Jo Cook
Manager, Student Engagement and Orientation
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Fiona Greig
Manager, Digital Presence and Communication
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Salli Bruce
Manager, Business Services
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Andrew Crowley
Manager, Sport and Recreation
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Sue Riches
Group Manager, Student Health, Wellbeing and Support
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Karen Graham
Manager, Customer and Client Services
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