Leave your mark at Deakin – name our roads

Deakin's campuses have a number of roads that are currently unnamed, and as our campuses continue to develop, we need help to create some new road names.

Submit a road name for consideration in the Naming Competition by June 10 and you could see your idea on a Deakin street sign, a campus map and in Deakin Scout.

The Naming Competition panel will collate a shortlist of names to be submitted to University Council for endorsement. The names will then need to be approved by the Registrar of Geographic Names for future use when naming Deakin’s roads.

So get creative, and get naming!

Submit a road name

If your road name is selected by University Council for submission to the Registrar of Geographic Names, you'll receive:

  • a professional photograph of you with a placement sign of the name you’ve proposed
  • a certificate to recognise your input.

When your road name suggestion is applied to a Deakin road in the future, you'll be notified via email. There is no monetary prize for submitting a winning entry.

Before you submit your road name


Visit VICNAMES to check your name doesn’t already exist.

2. Ensure your name satisfies the road naming guidelines

  • Names must satisfy the Statutory Requirements for Naming Roads, Features and Localities 2016.
  • Names must not risk public and operational safety for emergency response; or, cause confusion for transport, communication and mail services.
  • Regard needs to be given to the long-term consequences and short-term effects on the wider community of naming, renaming or adjusting the geographic boundary of a place. Changes will affect not only the current community but also future residents, emergency response zones, land titles and addresses, property owners, businesses and visitors.
  • Road names should be relevant to the local area e.g. aboriginal culture and occupation of the land, local flora and fauna, and infrastructure.
  • Proposed names must not duplicate another name within a 15km radius.
  • Names must not be offensive or discriminatory.
  • The use of Aboriginal languages in the naming of roads is encouraged, subject to agreement from the relevant traditional owner group(s).
  • Naming often commemorates an event, person or place.
  • Roads should not be named after commercial businesses, trade names, estate names or not-for-profit organisations.
  • Language
    • Names, except when they are proper nouns, must be written in standard Australian English or a recognized format of an Aboriginal language.
    • Names should be easy to pronounce, spell and write, and preferably not exceed three words and/or 25 characters.
    • ‘The’ is not a suitable prefix in the naming of any road. E.g. ‘The Avenue’ is not acceptable.
    • A name cannot be a numerical value.

3. Read the competition terms and conditions

  • By submitting your road name suggestion you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and giving Deakin University the right to use your road name in an application to the Registrar of Geographic Names and to use the road name on Deakin campus.
  • Once your name is submitted, you are not entitled to any future compensation, rights or ownership of the name.
  • Your entry must satisfy the Road Naming Guidelines detailed above Statutory Requirements for Naming Roads, Features and Localities 2016 and will be assessed as such by a Deakin Working Group.
  • By submitting your entry, you’re giving permission for Deakin University to use the name for advertising, marketing or promotional/commercial materials. The name may be used on web sites, publications, presentations, banners/signage/posters and other digital or print formats.
  • The Competition is free to enter and is open to Deakin staff, students, alumni and tenants and their employees on campus who complete and submit a response to the Survey Questions, below, located at https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_9H1TnS5EdK8AUBf between 20 May 19 and 10 June 19 in the manner set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  • The winning entries will be selected by the Deakin Working Group by 10 July 2019.
  • Winners will be notified by 31 July 2019.

Submit a road name

Our current road names

The following road names are in use at Deakin and can't be submitted as part of this competition.


  • Uganda St

Waurn Ponds

  • Alfred Deakin Drive
  • Nicol Drive North
  • Nicol Drive South
  • Lake Drive
  • Kings Way
  • Nano Lane
  • Lipson Drive


  • Brearley Lane (pedestrian only)


  • Aitken Drive
  • Johnson Drive
  • Lodge Drive
  • Science Lane
  • Cafeteria Lane
  • Art Lane

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