Deakin University is governed by the Deakin University Act 2009 (Vic).

The Act includes a list of objects and the governance requirements for the University.

The Act empowers the University to make Statutes and regulations for the organisation, management and good governance of the University. The Office of General Counsel is responsible for drafting new and amending legislation. University legislation is listed below.

Included in the University legislation is the establishment of the Academic Board, the principal academic authority in the University, the courses which are offered and related matters such as admission and selection, fees, academic progress, academic awards and student discipline.

In addition to Statutes and regulations, the University has policies and procedures which are often linked to the legislation. These may be accessed on the Deakin Policy Library.

The following legislation will be revoked on 1 January 2021

Chapter 1 – Interpretation

Chapter 2 – University Structure

Statute 2.1 - The Council (PDF, 60.6 KB)

Statute 2.2 - The Academic Board (PDF, 121.8 KB)

Statute 2.3 - The Faculties (PDF, 81.6 KB)

Statute 2.4 - University Institutes (PDF, 77.2 KB)

Statute 2.6 - University Administration (PDF, 61.7 KB)

Chapter 3 – Officers and Staff of the University

Chapter 4 – Student Misconduct

Chapter 5 – Enrolment, Assessment and Academic Awards

Statute 5.1 - Admission, Selection and Enrolment (PDF, 88.5 KB)

Statute 5.2 - Academic Awards (PDF, 24.5 KB)

Statute 5.3 - Assessment and Academic Progress (PDF, 84.7 KB)

Statute 5.4 - Academic Dress (PDF, 61.3 KB)

Chapter 6 – University Property, Facilities, Fees and Charges

Chapter 7 – Elections and Meetings

Chapter 8 – The Seal of the University

Chapter 9 – Intellectual Property

Official Notice Board

The Official Notice Board housed on this site details legislative amendments and is the official site for publication of those amendments.