Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit

The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit (SIPU) is part of the CFO Portfolio. We provide timely and accurate information to the University for planning and managerial decision-making, administer key University surveys, coordinate compliance reporting activities and provide advice on data-related issues.

Our focus

SIPU staff have high-level skills and knowledge in the fields of data analysis and reporting, forecasting and modelling, survey administration and design, statistics and much more. We provide services and information to assist members of the University with decision-making and continuous quality improvement.

Our responsibilities

SIPU's responsibilities include:

  • providing management information to the University Executive and faculties
  • providing statistical information
  • coordinating the Federal Department of Education student data collection
  • planning and forecasting student enrolments and revenue
  • modelling and analysis to support planning and budgeting, fee setting, resource allocation and related activities
  • advising on legislation and policy related to higher education administration and funding
  • administration, analysis and reporting on key strategic surveys including evaluations
  • providing advice and assistance on survey design and analysis
  • developing, maintaining and supporting the Deakin Data Warehouse (DDW) and associated Business Intelligence technology (Cognos, SPSS, TM1)
  • World University Rankings data submissions and briefings.

Our services

Data reporting and analytic services

SIPU provide a wide range of statistic and analytical services to Deakin staff. These include:

  • Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units reports
  • Deakin Business Intelligence (Cognos) − a resource that enables access to a range of data and statistical information
  • SIPU intranet (Wiki) − a resource with access to the latest data, reports and information available to Deakin Staff
  • ad-hoc data requests − for data that is not readily available through the SIPU website and one-off requests
  • survey services including survey checklists, procedures, design and management.

Staff-only reports

Deakin staff are able to access all of our latest reports through the staff website. These reports include:

  • University summary statistics and key performance indicators
  • student load planning, forecasting and monitoring
  • course metrics, including dashboards, course reviews and course experience feedback (CEQ)
  • student retention and success reporting
  • VTAC reporting
  • student reporting including equity and diversity
  • survey reports.


Most of SIPU’s work is available only to Deakin staff. However, our most well-known publication, Deakin Statistics, is available publicly and is a handy reference of student, staff and financial data at Deakin University.

Contact us

General enquiries
+61 3 5227 3092 (Tue–Fri)
Email SIPU

Survey enquiries
Email the survey enquiries team