University Executive

The University Executive, led by the Vice-Chancellor, is Deakin’s primary management decision-making body. It develops and implements strategies, policies and procedures to support the university’s strategic goals and operational requirements.

The role of the Executive

The University Executive meets fortnightly to:

  • develop and oversee the implementation of Deakin's strategic plan for approval by Council
  • determine the University's strategic response to changes in the environment within the higher education sector and beyond
  • make planning and resourcing decisions aligned to the University's strategic priorities and government policy
  • oversee Deakin's performance
  • seek input from the Senior Management Group on relevant planning and resourcing decisions
  • provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor on any other matter.

Members of the University Executive


Professor Iain Martin 

Professor Iain Martin is President and Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University and Chief Executive of the University.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Alfred Deakin Professor Julie Owens

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research provides strategic leadership for Deakin's research agenda. They hold overall responsibility for the University's research services and for the Institute for Frontier Materials, the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation and the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

Professor Liz Johnson

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education provides strategic leadership for Deakin's ambitious curriculum reform and management of the student learning experience.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement

Professor Gary Smith

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement provides strategic leadership for the development and nurturing of academic and research partnerships in Australia and internationally. He is also responsible for marketing and positioning the University and recruiting Australian and international students.

Executive Dean Faculty of Arts and Education

Alfred Deakin Professor Christine Ure

The faculty is comprised of:

Executive Dean Faculty of Business and Law

Alfred Deakin Professor Michael Ewing

The faculty is comprised of:

Executive Dean Faculty of Health

Professor Rachel Huxley

The faculty is comprised of:

Executive Dean Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Professor Karen Hapgood

The faculty is comprised of:

Chief Operating Officer

Kean Selway

The Chief Operating Officer has strategic and leadership responsibility for the services, resources and facilities Deakin provides for its students, staff and the communities it serves.

Chief Financial Officer

Kerrie Parker

The Chief Financial Officer has responsibility for effective management of finance, investments and enterprise projects at Deakin University.

Chief Digital Officer

William Confalonieri 

The Chief Digital Officer leads the development and implementation of Deakin's Digital Strategy and Information Management Strategy. He is responsible for information and communication technology services, and the full range of digital disciplines.