Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Deakin's commitment to our students extends beyond providing them with a premium education experience – we choose to play a role in nurturing, promoting and responding to their health and wellbeing so they can reach their academic, personal and career potential.

Supporting Deakin students

Consistent with Deakin's values, we place a strong emphasis on supporting our students’ mental health and wellbeing. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy aims to equip students and staff with the skills, knowledge and resources to ensure our students thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Through this strategy, we aim to:

  • identify, address and seek to minimise risk factors that may affect students’ mental health
  • promote protective and preventative factors that influence positive mental health and wellbeing
  • ensure any student who experiences mental health problems can access support to continue to learn or re-engage in their study.

Guiding principles

Through our guiding principles, the strategy will allow us to put the following into practice.

  • Take a coordinated whole-of-university approach.
  • Use a holistic perspective that considers the broad determinants of mental health, recognises the impact of academic learning and performance on students health and wellbeing, and acknowledges the diversity of our student population.
  • Nurture an environment that promotes, protects and supports student mental health across the mental health continuum.
  • Adopt an evidence-based approach that is informed by best practice.
  • Place students at the centre of processes, thinking and designing, ensuring we engage with all students throughout their student journey and that developments are relevant to their learning success.
  • Advocate for change, taking action to ensure programs, services and resources are effective, timely, relevant and sustainable.
  • Act collaboratively, recognising the value of strengthened partnerships, internal and external, to achieve and sustain the best possible mental health outcomes for our students.

Areas for strategic action

Deakin will develop detailed action plans in the following areas.

  • Institutional structure: organisation, planning and policy
  • Supportive, inclusive campus climate and environment
  • Mental health awareness
  • Community capacity to respond to early indications of student concern
  • Self-management competencies and coping skills
  • Accessible mental health services
  • Crisis management

Vice-Chancellor's message

'Deakin’s Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy will encompass every aspect of our students’ experience. We will enhance the health and wellbeing of our entire Deakin community, providing an inclusive, supportive environment, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Our primary goal is to assist our students in thriving academically, socially, in their relationships and throughout their chosen careers.'

Professor Iain Martin

Executive sponsors

The Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is a critical strategy across both teaching and the student experience and is endorsed by our executive sponsors at the highest levels.

Alfred Deakin Professor, Julie Owens
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Alfred Deakin Professor

Kean Selway
Executive Vice-President Futures