Employment benefits

From salary packaging to various leave options, working at Deakin gives you the flexibility to manage your life at (and away from) work.

Various leave options

We offer a number of leave options to staff.

These include:

  • Recreation leave – 20 days per year for academic staff and 21 days per year for general staff.
  • Long service leave – after 7 years of continuous service, you'll be eligible for long service leave.
  • Parental leave – both unpaid and paid parental leave (subject to eligibility criteria).
  • Sick leave –progressively accruing each fortnight, totalling 15 days per year pro rata
  • Carer's leave – you may utilise sick leave entitlements to take care or support a member of your immediate family or household.
  • Other leave – you may also be eligible for compassionate leave, blood donor leave and other leave types as outlined in the Enterprise Agreement.
  • Ceremonial leave – Staff members who identify as members of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community are entitled to a reasonable period of ceremonial leave. Eligible staff members may be entitled to five days paid leave per annum.

Read our Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 6.8 MB)

Salary packaging

Deakin has a flexible remuneration/salary packaging option for eligible staff, which allows for the salary packaging of items such as novated leasing, on-campus childcare and contributions to complying superannuation funds. Current staff can log in to find out more about salary packaging.

Find out more about salary packaging at Deakin

Novated lease

Deakin’s approved novated lease provider, nlc, takes care of all your automotive needs. They can provide you with the easiest, lowest-cost way to own and run the car of your choice. With over 25 years of experience, nlc are the experts in novated leasing so you don't have to be.

Packaging your car and all of your running costs with nlc allows you to access the purchasing power and savings of large corporate fleets. This significantly reduces the costs of buying, owning and running your car. nlc can drive your salary further with savings on income tax and GST, car purchase, fuel, servicing and repairs, and trade-in at the end of your lease.

Deciding on a novated lease lets you: 

  • save on your car purchase
  • save income tax
  • save GST on purchase price, fuel and servicing
  • save on servicing and repairs
  • get a better price on your trade in.

Your nlc consultant works with you every step of the way. They help explain how a novated lease works, as well as the benefit you can achieve in your specific situation. It's easy, and it could save you thousands.

If you’re interested in a novated lease, join nlc for webinars, visit their website or call 1800 643 044 to find out how much you can save on your next car.

Visit nlc for further information
Join nlc for one of their webinars

For further information, please contact our consultant.
Consultant (Superannuation)
Richard Barling
+61 3 5227 2775
Email Richard Barling

Health insurance plans

Special rates are available for you with a number of health insurance providers. Current staff can log in to find out more about health insurance.

Find out more about our health insurance providers

Workplace giving

Our workplace giving program is a simple and effective way for you to lend a hand and make a difference to some fantastic causes through our payroll system. Current staff can log in to find out more about workplace giving.

Find out more about workplace giving

Banking packages

You can access discounted ANZ and Bendigo Bank banking packages. Benefits include no package fees, easy to obtain benefits and the choice of benefits you want, when you need them. Current staff can log in to find out more about discounted banking packages.

Find out more about discounted ANZ banking packages
Find out more about Deakin University Community Bank (Bendigo Bank)

IT and mobile phone offers

We have affiliations with Lenovo, Volante, Computers Now, Telstra and Microsoft. These affiliations allow Deakin students and staff the opportunity to take advantage of some great information technology offers. Current staff can log in to find out more about technology offers.

Find out more about great technology offers

Recognition of prior service

We recognise service with Australian universities and some other organisations for the purpose of calculating sick leave and long service leave entitlements. 

Current staff can log in to find out more about recognition of prior service. 

Find out more about recognition of prior service

Future staff participating in the recruitment process can contact HR.


You'll have full access to a fully equipped library that delivers a range of information management services in the digital age.

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QANTAS Club Corporate Membership

By joining the QANTAS club through us, you'll gain access to cheaper corporate member fees. These fees can also be salary packaged. Current staff can log in to find out more about salary QANTAS club benefits.

Find out more about QANTAS club benefits

Car rental discounts

We have service agreements with Avis, Hertz and Thrifty that provide discounted rental rates. Current staff can log in to find out more about car rental discounts.

Find out more about car rental discounts

Retirement options

We offer eligible staff transition to retirement arrangements. This is usually a fixed-term contract that allows you to reduce your hours gradually while maintaining superannuation contributions.