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What is the Deakin University Alumni Community?

The Alumni Community enables you to maintain or reconnect with your student, academic and professional networks. Our programs are designed to raise your awareness of initiatives relevant to your interests by offering programs and opportunities that will benefit you throughout your personal and professional life. Deakin offers a varied program of events, communications and benefits that will help you keep in touch and stay engaged.

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Antecedent institutions of Deakin University

To be an antecedent institution alumni member, you would have graduated from one of the institutions below prior to, or at the time that institution and/or course came under Deakin's management. Any person graduating or employed after this point are not be eligible for Deakin Alumni membership.

  • Burwood State College
  • Burwood Teachers College
  • Domestic Arts Teachers College
  • Geelong State College
  • Geelong Teachers College
  • Glendonald Training Centre for Teachers of the Deaf
  • Gordon Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Special Education
  • Larnook Teachers College
  • Monash Teachers College
  • Prahran College of Advanced Education
  • Prahran College of Technology
  • Prahran Technical Arts School
  • Rusden State College
  • Toorak State College
  • Toorak Teachers College
  • Victoria College
  • Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education
  • Warrnambool Technical College

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