Want to explore the world? Here's how to choose your degree

If you're looking for a degree that lets you combine an interest in the arts with a love of exploring the world, you may be considering a Bachelor of International Studies, a Bachelor of Arts or even a Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar). Here is how to know which one is right for you.

For those who dream of working overseas

If you have an interest in working overseas, or if you want to understand the international forces that shape the world and how countries interact with each other, the Bachelor of International Studies could be for you.

This program requires at least two credit points in international experience and includes many options such as university exchanges, in-country language programs, international internships, study tours, and a choice of languages to major in.

This is a specialist course, so one of your majors needs to be chosen from a select list:

  • anthropology
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • international relations
  • politics and policy studies
  • Middle East studies
  • Spanish.

Students can then choose a second major from a diverse offering of Bachelor of Arts majors. The Bachelor of International Studies is designed to enable students to gain a global perspective and prepare them for the workplace both domestically and internationally.

The degree also has engaging and contemporary core units such as Intercultural Communication, Working in International Contexts, Gender Globalisation and Development, and Global Capitalism and Power.

For those looking to work in government, diplomacy, foreign affairs, international aid, business, law, international education, social entrepreneurship or other related jobs, this degree could be the right one for you.

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For those who want a challenge

If you are the type of person who wants to challenge themselves academically, as well as study and travel, the Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) may be for you.

The key differences between the Bachelor of International Studies and the Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) is that Global Scholars undertake more international experiences (at least four credit points rather than two) and are required to maintain a distinction average.

If you are interested in this course, you will undertake four international experience credit points, including an international internship. You will also be required to take part in the Global Citizenship Program which includes options for international volunteering, internships, seminars, foreign language courses and peer mentoring. The Global Scholar course is supported by a $3000 scholarship award to assist students with their international experience.

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For those who are looking for flexibility

The Bachelor of Arts offers greater flexibility for students, allowing you to study what interests you and forge a path to your dream career. The course offers a combination of practical and theoretical learning and access to more than 30 majors and minors to choose from.

With the flexibility to choose multiple majors, minors or extra electives, the Bachelor of Arts gives you freedom. Your options are as broad as history, gender and sexuality studies, criminology, English literature, strategic advertising, film, television and animation – and much more.

This course is fantastic for people with a broad range of interests, because you get to pick two or three study areas from a long list and the outcomes for your career are shaped by the study areas you choose. For example, you can pair social media with anthropology, children's literature with performing arts, or Indonesian with media studies.

Work Integrated Learning is a really important part of the Bachelor of Arts. It allows you to undertake internships, study tours and international placements to gain further real-world experience. Internships can be local or international, providing you with many opportunities to try out different things and over the duration of your degree.

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In today's world, it is becoming increasingly important to take part in becoming a global citizen. If you are interested in exploring other cultures and perspectives to create the perfect global career, exploring which of these courses best suits you is an important task. No matter how much you choose to immerse yourself, Deakin's combination of theoretical learning and practical experience will open the door to an array of career opportunities.

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