Deakin Business Consulting Clinic

Deakin Business Consulting Clinic is a hands-on small business consulting, work-integrated learning program that gives students real-world consulting experience, and provides businesses with professional advisory services.

Real-world work experience

The Deakin Business Consulting Clinic offers students the opportunity to apply their academic training and gain practical experience. Students develop their analytical skills while working in a team to apply a proven business framework, developed by industry professionals, to an actual small-to-medium enterprise.

This program is available for credit to undergraduate and postgraduate students across all faculties who are eligible to use it as a work-integrated learning (WIL) unit towards their degree.

Professional business service

Students work in four-person consulting teams to connect with clients operating small-to-medium businesses. Using a model known as the 7 Levers of Business Framework, teams assist their clients with a full 'health check' across the seven key profit drivers in their business. The client receives a detailed strategic project brief, providing a well-researched and planned project they can implement to gain an immediate benefit for their business.

After developing a solid understanding of the framework, training on consulting best-practices and taking part in other relevant group sessions, the consulting teams meet with their business client to investigate and discover how the framework applies to their unique business model.

Students deliver a 10–15 minute presentation to the client, along with a 4000-word project brief that provides the facts, findings, arguments and objective of one specific opportunity the team recommends.

This project brief is in a format that the client business can approve and begin implementing through their internal staff or a paid contract with the student team. The brief also forms a tangible document that students can use to supplement their resume in a portfolio to demonstrate their real-world, practical experience to future employers.

The experience I gained from the Deakin Business Consulting Clinic allowed me to showcase and reinforce the soft skills I learned throughout my course. This has led me to secure an industry role with opportunities to grow my career.

Hellen Ho

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws graduate

Industry endorsement

The Deakin Business School (DBS) holds numerous industry accreditations that provide professional recognition of the quality of education and learning experiences of our students. Graduating ahead of the pack with versatile skills to give them the employment edge, Deakin students can capably and confidently meet the demands of business.

It’s critical that our graduates get the first-hand experience bridging the gap between their textbook learning and this real-world small-business street-level application.

Pete Williams

Professor of Practice, Deakin Business Consulting Clinic Program Director

Get involved

The Deakin Business Consulting Clinic can help meet the needs of small-to-medium businesses. If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from the program please contact the Deakin Business School (DBS) WIL team.

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