Health and safety

Deakin University is a safe and friendly environment for international students, with 24-hour campus security, access to fitness centres, healthy food and all sorts of student support.

You can also use the on-campus medical and counselling centers for free with your Overseas Student Health Cover.

Overseas Student Health Cover

If you’re coming to Australia on a Student Visa, you will most likely need to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). If you’re bringing your spouse or children, they may also need to be covered under your OSHC.

Having OSHC means that you can access healthcare services in Australia – like going to the doctors or hospital – and your OSHC provider will cover some or all of the cost, depending on how it is billed. Your OSHC must be valid the entire time you’re in Australia on your student visa.

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Finding an OSHC

We’ve partnered with Australian insurance company BUPA to offer Deakin International Students pre-arranged OSHC. If you pay your OSHC fee with your tuition fees, you’ll automatically be covered by BUPA’s overseas student health cover for the whole time that you’re enrolled at Deakin.

Students who go with BUPA's pre-arranged health care will receive their BUPA OSHC card from Deakin/BUPA staff at the on-campus Enrolment and Orientation session.

Different providers will offer different services and benefits. You can find out more about other Australian OSHC providers on the Department of Health website.

Students who seek their own OSHC provider will need to contact their OSHC to find out when they'll receive their card.

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Your OSHC and Confirmation of Enrolment

The course start date listed on your OSHC and your confirmation of enrolment (CoE) must always be the same. If you need to change your enrolment dates, you’ll also need to contact your OSHC provider to let them know.

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Staying healthy at Deakin is easy

Just like when you’re on holidays, settling into a new country can turn your normal health and fitness routine upside down. Here at Deakin, there are lots of ways you can stay healthy – with a wide range of sporting clubs, gyms and health food options on campus, it’s easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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We have doctors, nurses and counsellors on campus

Whether it’s a general check-up or some medical advice, our on-campus medical centres can help. Our doctors and nurses provide the highest level of care to all Deakin students and staff – and it won’t cost you anything under your OSHC. We also have a free and confidential counselling service.

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Safety and security on campus

We have campus security guards working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them directly by phone or with our SafeZone mobile phone and tablet app. The SafeZone app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device and it works at each of our campuses.

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