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E-preferred frequently asked questions

Question: What is the procedure for ordering e-books?
Answer: You can order your e-book in the same way you order print, contact your Librarian, via email - or via the online form.

Question: How do I know if my e-book has arrived?
Answer: When you place your order, please ask to be notified when access is available and our Acquisitions team will email you.

Question: How do I follow up on a request?
Answer: Contact your Librarian or

Question: Can I still order print?
Answer: Print books will still be acquired if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • if the title is required urgently to meeting teaching or research needs and only the print book is available
  • if an e-book copy is not available within a reasonable* time period or a suitable e-book alternate title cannot be found
  • titles that are prescribed or recommended reading for units (the print ordering formula will be reduced when a e-book is available)
  • when the content is image rich and the image quality is not adequate for teaching, learning or research needs eg. visual arts titles
  • when specific teaching, learning or research reasons exist for obtaining the print format
  • when the license or conditions of use of the e-book do not allow the book to be used effectively to meet teaching, learning or research needs
  • if there are technical issues that do not allow adequate or satisfactory usage
  • rare or special collection items where the physical object is required

Question: What if I have requested an item and it has now become urgent, what do I do?
Answer: You can ask that your order is made urgent by contacting your Librarian or

Question: What if my request is not yet available as an e-book?
Answer: The Acquisitions team will check requests weekly for e-book availability and place the order as soon as possible. If the e-book does not become available, after a reasonable* period of time, then the print copy will be ordered.

*In the first 12 months we will be monitoring the process closely to determine the most effective period to obtain e-books.

Question: What if the item I would like to be ordered is a prescribed or recommended resource for a unit and not available as an e-book?
Answer: We will continue to purchase print titles that are prescribed or recommended resources for units.

Question: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Answer: Contact your Librarian or

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