Your career head start

At Deakin, you can benefit from authentic industry experience, helping to build real-world knowledge and skills in your chosen field. By the time you graduate, you'll be ready to hit your stride in your chosen career.

Practical and applied learning

Whatever your motivation for studying with us, Deakin strives to challenge you. We want you to acquire and continually enhance your skills, understandings, and personal attributes.

Learning goes beyond marks and grades. We provide opportunities for real-world encounters that build your practical skills and knowledge. This experience of innovative and hands-on learning assures you're up-to-date with industry best practice, making you a highly employable graduate.

Get future ready

Deakin Law Clinic

If you’re in the final stages of gaining a legal qualification, you’ll get the chance to conduct interviews, manage cases, check facts, develop an understanding of ethics and undertake legal research and analysis.

These tasks take place under the guidance of legal experts, where your skills are put to good use helping business entities, not-for-profits, start-ups and individuals in a variety of legal matters.

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Work-integrated learning

Deakin partners with a broad range of organisations to provide work-integrated learning opportunities on and off campus.

These include professional placements and internship opportunities, industry projects and other industry-informed assessments that expose you to authentic workplace practice and real-world problems.

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Telstra Trading Room

Using state-of-the-art simulation, you'll get the chance to apply theoretical financial trading knowledge in an authentic industry context.

You'll develop practical trading skills, including teamwork and communication, to gain an explicit understanding of strategies used by financial traders.

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Business simulations

As an accounting student, you’ll gain realistic experience of your future career through a simulated business environment.

In teams, you’ll analyse case studies, advise and prepare accounts for a client, meaning you can apply your knowledge, theory and ethical decision-making in business settings.

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Deakin Explore

Featuring more than 1000 course and career pairings, Explore provides you the opportunity to find the course that will give you a great foundation for building your dream career.

Or, you can learn all about an exciting new career, then work backwards to find the best corresponding course to study at Deakin.

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Wilderness experience

For wildlife and conservation biology students, there's an important need to experience wilderness areas for real. Immersing yourself in global environments and workplaces lets you rapidly develop your knowledge and skill base.

We offer experiences that can be undertaken locally in places like the Grampians and Cape Otway, or via an international study tour, like our primate conservation program in Vietnam.

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From course to career

PhD Xtra

Designed to help research degree students develop and evidence transferable skills and experience, PhD Xtra aims to make you more competitive in the job market - regardless of whether you pursue a career in research or business and industry.

Skills and knowledge are made explicit in your personal portfolio of assets that can be used as a career advancement resource.

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Me in a Minute

Understanding how to identify and articulate your capabilities that set you apart from other graduates is a highly valuable skill when entering the workforce.

Our unique program provides you with support in pitching your knowledge and capabilities to prospective employers through the production of a one-minute video.

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Let us nurture your innovation


As Deakin’s official start-up accelerator program, SPARK wants to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Immerse yourself in a thriving culture where you are encouraged to think innovatively, solve real-world problems and take an interdisciplinary approach to building solutions.

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The Freelancing HUB

Get the chance to work on real business projects from clients, without the need to be physically located on site.

In addition to building employability skills, the HUB allows you to experience the shared economy of co-located workplaces and learn how to be a freelance worker.

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ManuFutures contributes to the creation of high-skill, high-value jobs that can survive in the competitive global market.

Based at Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, this innovative centre offers a unique opportunity for you to work with manufacturing enterprises and leverage the expertise of Deakin researchers.

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Become a work-ready graduate

Deakin Hallmarks

As an extra-curricular opportunity, Hallmarks give you the chance to differentiate yourself beyond good grades.

Awarded in collaboration with employers and industry professionals, they recognise outstanding achievement of capabilities that are key to employment success.

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Deakin has a strong reputation for producing highly-skilled, work-ready and resilient graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

DeakinTALENT Recruitment Services helps employers to connect with Deakin students across a range of areas.

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Professional Practice Credentials

The credentialing process provides you with a credible, consistent and independent recognition of your current skills and knowledge.

The credentialing model also enables employers to provide their employees with recognition and confirmation of their capabilities critical to their current and future job roles.

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Graduate learning outcomes

Deakin’s graduate learning outcomes reflect capabilities that are sought after by employers. We use a number of strategies to make them explicit to students, teachers and employers.

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