Exactly what is a Cotutelle program?

Basically, it’s a PhD program that you undertake across two universities in two different countries. Here at Deakin, we partner with international research-intensive universities to offer you co-enrolment and supervision of your research program. At the end of it, you’ll be awarded a PhD from both universities and receive two testamurs that state your PhD was completed as a jointly supervised doctoral program.

Deakin's Cotutelle PhD Program

We ask Deakin Cotutelle students from around the world to tell us about their experience.

Deakin's Cotutelle PhD Program

How do I apply for a Cotutelle program?

Currently, most Deakin Cotutelle programs are attached to research projects. You’ll find these listed on Deakin’s Find a Scholarship page. If there’s a project that’s of interest to you, contact the project supervisor and then submit an Expression of Interest directly with the relevant faculty. If you’re successful, lodge a formal Higher Degree by Research application to both Deakin and the partner university.

What are the benefits of the program?

What are the benefits of the program?

A Cotutelle program basically doubles your advantages across the board. You get double the supervision, double the insights from global experts and double the resources, facilities, and funding opportunities. Plus that global lifestyle!

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes. The program includes a scholarship, tuition fee waiver and funding to cover return airfare to travel between Deakin University and the partner institution.

What skills will I gain from the program?

Working across two universities and two countries immerses you in different research environments and diverse cultures. You’ll become more agile moving between universities and the international networking opportunities will set you up for a truly global career.

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