The Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²) transforms industries and improves lives by implementing safe, effective uses of AI and exploring new frontiers in AI research.

The Institute has a mission to build AI systems that are beneficial to our industries and society.

Our story so far

A2I2 began operations as an Institute in January 2019.  The Institute was formed by merging two groups already established at the University; PRaDA (Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics) and DSTIL (Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory).

Under the leadership of Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh, PRaDA has been recognised internationally for its groundbreaking work in machine learning and pattern recognition in sectors as diverse as surveillance, social media and health.

DSTIL, led by Professor Kon Mouzakis, has transformed complex ideas into user-friendly software systems, including mobile and web applications.

Combining the multi-disciplinary expertise of both PRaDA and DSTIL makes A2I2 the ideal partner to help industry, government and community take full advantage of the benefits AI offers.

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