ARC funding

Internal submission dates

Scheme NOIS Final Application Request not to Assess
Linkage Projects 2020OPEN - Refer to scheme pageRefer to scheme pageRefer to scheme page
Future Fellowships 2021Nomination Form due 9am Tuesday 1st September 2020Wednesday 11th November 2020Wednesday 18th November 2020
Industrial Transformation Research Program 2021NOIS Form due Monday 3rd August 2020Wednesday 14 October 2020Wednesday 21st October 2020
DECRA Fellowships 2022Nomination Form due 9am Tuesday 1st September 20209am Monday 26th October 2020Wednesday 4th November 2020
Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) 2021CLOSEDWednesday 4th March 2020Wednesday 8th April 2020
Special Research Initiative for Australian Society, History and CultureCLOSEDWednesday 25th March 2020Wednesday 15th April 2020
Discovery Projects 2021CLOSEDApprox. 22 January 2020Wednesday 5 February 2020
Discovery Indigenous 2020CLOSEDWednesday 6 March 2019Wednesday 6 March 2019